3 Reasons To Have Water-Damaged Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Posted on: 15 June 2023


If you're left with a wet carpet after a flood or water leak, then you might be thinking about trying to clean and dry it yourself. However, it's often better to use a water restoration company here.

Why should you call out the professionals? 

1. Get Expert Safety Advice

You can't necessarily safely clean every water-damaged carpet. You should consider which type of water caused the damage before you can work out if your carpet is safe to clean.

For example, if you had a simple plumbing leak and your flood water was clean, then you should be able to clean the carpet. However, grey water and any water that contains sewage can be health hazards.

So, you might need to trash carpets if they have come into contact with contaminated water. However, you might not know if this has happened if you don't yet know the source of your leak or flood.

A professional water damage remediation company can help you work out your water type. They can tell you if it is safe to clean and dry the carpet or not.

2. Get a Fast Clean

If you can clean water off a carpet, you need to work fast. If you don't, then you might leave it too late. Mold and mildew can start to grow in carpeting just a couple of days after it gets wet.

Even if you clean and dry the carpet then, you might not get all the spores out. They might also spread to other parts of your room. However, it can be hard to get all the equipment you need in time to do this job especially if you are dealing with other water damage at the same time.

A water-damage contractor works fast. They can start cleaning and drying your carpet and its floor immediately. You don't have to worry about renting equipment or finding time to do the work.

3. Deal With Other Areas of Water Damage

While you might think that your carpet is the only water-damaged area in the room, this isn't necessarily the case. Your floors, trim, and lower walls might also be affected. You might not know where to look for other signs of damage.

As well as restoring your carpet, a water-damage specialist can check the room for other damage. They can then help you deal with that as well.

To get advice on whether your carpet is salvageable and for help dealing with your damage, contact water damage restoration contractors.