4 Tips For Dealing A Bat In Your Home

Posted on: 15 March 2023


Did you recently discover that you have a bat that has gotten into your home? Even if the bat is just getting into your attic, you definitely want to get it out of there. Here are some tips for dealing with a bat in your home.

Be Careful Around The Bat

One thing that you definitely want to know when dealing with a bat is that they are an animal that can carry rabies. You'll want to make sure that anybody in the home is away from the bat so that they do not get scratched or bitten. If someone is scratched or bitten, you'll want to trap the bat so that you can have it tested for rabies and find out if those bites or scratches are dangerous to the health of others. 

Wear Protective Gear 

The person trying to trap the bat should wear protective gear to ensure that they are not scratched or bitten. This means wearing gloves, jeans, a mask to cover their face, and a shirt with sleeves that are long and thick. The more protection you have, the safer it is for you to deal with the bat.

Get The Bat To Fly Outside

If nobody in your house was scratched or bitten, you can try to get the bat to fly back outside. The best way to do this is to isolate the bat in a single room and close the doors. Then, open a window, turn off the light, and shine a flashlight toward the open window. This can cause the bat to be attracted to the light and fly out the windows.

Catch The Bat In A Box

Need to catch the bat to be tested or to safely release it outdoors? The best way to do it will be to use a cardboard box and an additional piece of cardboard that matches the opening of the box. Prepare a box by making sure that the sides are taped but the top is still open, and then punch some holes in the side of the box. 

Wait for the bat to settle on a surface, and gently place the box over the bat. Use the other piece of cardboard to slide under the box so that the bat is trapped between the bottom of the box and that new cardboard. You can then safely flip the box over and seal the box, and then either take it outside or have the bat tested for rabies. 

Contact a professional bat removal service for assistance.