4 Major Factors That Influence Water Damage Restoration Cost

Posted on: 22 December 2022


Once your property is exposed to water damage, you must seek a solution immediately. All things in your house may be water-logged for a while. If not sorted, the situation worsens, affecting the walls and floors and causing mold growth. Here are aspects that determine the cost of water damage restoration.

1. The Affected Space Size

The larger the damage, the more time and money you'll need for repairs. Large spaces also need cleaning and dehumidification to restore the space. If the damage is extensive, many materials will need repair or replacement services. Calling professionals for help goes a long way toward minimizing damage. Professional water restoration is crucial whether the room is large or small. However, when the room is bigger, the cost will likely go up because it will require more effort.

2. The Extent of Damage

The things wrecked by water will play a major role in determining the restoration project's cost. The more damage, the more money you'll need for refurbishment. For instance, some floors are more complex to restore than others. Tiles and hardwood are easy to replace than rugs and fitted carpets. In some cases, the damage might be so extensive that restoration becomes impossible. Therefore, you will have to replace most of the things. It is cheaper to restore or repair items than to replace them since buying new items won't come cheap.  

3. The Type of Water

The water involved may be clean or dirty. If it is dirty, you'll need more treatments and safety measures for sewage water. Consequently, the cost will be higher than when dealing with clean water. However, both polluted and clean water cause havoc in a home. Clean water comes from water pipes, toilet tanks, or melted snow. Used water from dishwashers and washing machines could also be a menace to your house.

4. Pools of Water

You can try to remove water flooding your property before the restoration experts arrive. Generally, professionals use special gadgets like dehumidifiers and water pumps to eliminate the water. The extra time and tools they use increase the costs. Although a leaking pipe inside a wall may cause damage, it differs from flooding. The floods will need complicated tasks to eliminate and restore the house. However, water restoration experts always assess the situation to determine the most effective solution.

Professionals know the right way to respond to water damage. It entails eliminating water, drying surfaces, cleaning up, and sanitization. Once the experts complete the restoration, you can rest assured that your space is clean and safe. However, the restoration cost will vary depending on these important factors.

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