The Two Main Concerns You'Ll Have With Fire Damage Restoration

Posted on: 30 November 2022


If you own a business that recently experienced a fire, you are going to want to restore your building back to the way it once was. While insurance can often help pay for the damages, the repairs still need to be done by a professional fire damage restoration company. Here are some things that you'll likely be concerned about when your property is being restored.

Is The Smoke Odor Going To Go Away?

While a fire can cause a lot of damage, the smoke can cause just as much. That is because it can leave behind an odor that permeates into surfaces and is hard to clean. One of the goals of a fire damage restoration company will be to get rid of all of those odors so that there is no trace of them in your building. If the odors are still there then the job is not truly considered finished. 

A fire damage restoration company will use thermal fogging as a way to get rid of a smoke odor. This is when a deodorizer is turned into a fog form so that it can permeate the surfaces, just like the smoke did. That will help get rid of odors that are inside parts of the building, such as the walls. If thermal fogging does not fix the problem, then part of the building's structure may need to be replaced with new material.

What Happens To Personal Property That Was Damaged? 

Anything that was ruined in the fire is going to be replaced by your property insurance company as part of your policy. As for repairing your personal property, a fire damage restoration company will take its best shot at doing that. This means that many items will be taken off-site and put into a room with an ozone generator, which is designed to break down those contaminants that are causing odors and discolorations.

Be aware that all your personal property may not be saved. This is especially true of items that are made out of plastic since the smoke can permanently discolor an item in a way that cannot be repaired. If this happens, know that you will not be given back your discolored item. You will work with your insurance provider to replace it with a similar item that can be purchased today.

Reach out to a fire damage restoration company, such as St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration, for more information about their services.