Signs You Need Mold Removal Services

Posted on: 14 November 2022


Mold thrives in dark, humid environments. Therefore, it's not uncommon to find mold in your basement, attic, bathroom, kitchen, and ductwork. If you suspect mold growth in your residence, consider hiring professional mold removal services. Also, the following signs could mean that you have mold in your home.

Unpleasant Odor in Your Home

The presence of untraceable, weird odors in your home could mean there is mold growing in various spots. A musty smell that comes and goes, especially in areas of your home prone to moisture, should prompt you to call a mold remediation service. Trust your sense of smell and call a mold removal company to help with the issue.

You Keep Getting Sick

An allergy that doesn't improve is a sign you are exposed to mold. Cold or flu symptoms can be frustrating. Exposure to mold spores for an extended period could lead to other health problems. Visit your friends and see if symptoms improve. If they worsen when you come home, it's time to contact mold removal experts.

Your Home Is Prone to Flooding

If you reside in a location prone to flooding, you may often require mold removal services. Stagnant water can allow mold growth. Dry the areas quickly with heaters or fans after you remove the water. You should keep an eye on areas that get flooded to prevent irreversible damage to your home.

Noticeable Mold Spores on Your Floors or Walls

Seeing black spots on your walls indicates mold is growing beneath the surfaces. The discoloration starts slowly and can cause permanent damage to your home. And since mold spores spread pretty fast, you must act quickly to prevent the situation from escalating. Working fast doesn't mean you should wipe off the mold from the surfaces. It means you should call a professional remediation service.

Your Wallpaper Has Started Peeling Off

The paint or wallpaper can start peeling when the water has soaked into your drywall. It takes time before you notice any signs of damage on your wall. By the time you realize it, the mold has already gotten worse. You should allow sunlight to shine on your walls for them to dry out. Call a mold remediation expert to help you with the issue if the matter gets out of hand.

Poor Ventilation

Another sign that you should contact a professional mold removal service is ventilation issues. If you notice that there are areas of your home with poor ventilation, take action right away. Such spaces will allow moisture build-up, leading to mold growth. Having adequate ventilation in your entire home discourages the growth of molds.