Dealing With Flood Damage? Signs Your DIY Cleanup Efforts Aren't Working

Posted on: 25 October 2022


If you're handling your own flood clean-up, it's time to take a closer look. Your clean-up efforts might not be as effective as you need them to be. Unfortunately, without a thorough clean-up, your home could sustain lasting water damage. Read the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, it's time to take a different approach to the cleanup by hiring a water damage restoration service.

You've Still Got Wet Spots

If you've been going over the floors with a wet/dry vacuum, it's time to bring in a professional cleanup crew. This is especially important if you still have wet spots in your home. Those wet spots are a sign that your cleanup efforts aren't effective. Ordinary wet/dry vacuums don't have enough power to extract all the water from your home. Not only that, but you also need fans and heaters to dry up the water. That's where a water damage restoration service comes into the picture. A water damage restoration crew will use heavy-duty extraction equipment. This equipment will get rid of all the wet spots. That way, your home can dry out. 

You've Seen Mold Growth

If you've seen mold growth in your home, you need to hire a water damage restoration service as soon as possible. Mold growth is a sign that moisture is still a problem inside your home. Do-it-yourself methods don't get rid of the water that's hiding behind the walls or inside the cabinets. That's where a water damage restoration service comes in handy. A restoration service will remove the water you can't see. They'll also clean up the mold you've got growing in your home. That way, your home will be safe to live in once the water damage gets repaired. 

Your Walls Are Spongy

If you're trying to clean up after a flood, press on your walls. If your walls feel spongy, you need professional water damage repair services. That spongy feeling is a sign that the drywall in your home has absorbed water. Once that happens, you'll need professional help to repair the damage. If there's too much water damage, the drywall will need to get replaced. A water damage restoration service can help with that project, as well. 

Your Floors Are Soggy

If you're trying to clean up from a flood, feel your floors; if they feel soggy, you need a professional water damage restoration service. Soggy floors are a sign that there's water under the flooring. If the moisture doesn't get removed fast, you may need to replace all your flooring. You could also end up with foundation damage. Avoid those problems by hiring a water damage restoration service. They'll repair the damage and restore your home to pre-flood conditions.