Signs You Need New Gutters On Your Home

Posted on: 4 August 2022


Gutters are pretty durable and can last for several decades, especially if well cared for. However, they do not last forever. Here are some signs that your gutters have reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced.

Peeling paint under and around the gutters.

If paint is peeling all over your home, then the problem is likely that your home needs to be painted. However, if the paint is mostly peeling under and around the gutters, this points towards a gutter replacement. Water is likely pooling over the sides of the gutters or dripping through holes in them. Then, it comes into contact with the siding of your home. Over time, this causes wear and tear on the paint, which causes it to peel.

Holes in your landscaping.

If you have any garden beds below your gutters, take a close look at the soil inside them. If the soil directly beneath the gutters is pitted and has holes in it, those holes are likely from water that has tumbled over the edge of the gutters. They could also be from water falling through holes in the gutters. In either case, they're an indication you will need new gutters soon.

Holes and cracks.

Look at any gutters you can see from the ground. Generally, it is best to get right underneath them and look straight up at their undersides. If you can see holes or cracks in the gutters, then this is a sign they are on their way out. Some small holes and cracks can be fixed, but if you're seeing multiple of them, you're usually better off just having the gutters replaced.

Sagging gutters.

Do your gutters look like they are holding onto debris and dipping down? Developing big, saggy areas is a sign that your gutters are weak and in need of replacement. Even if you were to clean the debris out of the sagging, dipping portion, more debris would accumulate in the same place again. Eventually, you may see rust spots and holes start to form in this same area.

If you notice the signs above, have a gutter company come take a look at the situation. Sometimes, they may be able to replace just a section of the gutters. However, if you're already having them come out and do the work, it is often worth having all of the gutters replaced at the same time.

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