When To Have Hydraulic Pole Saws Professionally Repaired

Posted on: 29 June 2022


Hydraulic pole saws are incredible hydraulic tools for cutting down tall branches on trees. However, they can malfunction periodically. If your hydraulic pole saw is facing any of these particular complications, a professional repair will be needed.

Excessive Vibration

A pole saw is naturally going to cause some vibration when you cut branches down from a tree, but if this vibration is excessive and doesn't go away, there could be a part malfunctioning. It could be the hydraulics or something happening with the blade system.

Excessive vibration should be addressed by a hydraulic tool repair shop quickly before you cause more severe harm to this hydraulic tool. The tool shop will examine the pole saw as it runs in real time and determine why it's vibrating more than it should. Their repair solutions might involve tightening the chain and replacing it if it's not repairable. 

Blades Not Turning as Fast

To use a hydraulic pole saw effectively, the blades need to turn at a fast rate. Then you'll be able to slice through branches on trees like butter. If your blades aren't going as fast as they normally do, then it's a good idea to have said equipment examined by a hydraulic tool repair shop.

Then you won't be without a working hydraulic pole saw for long. Typically with slow blade speed, it's a power issue. You want a hydraulic tool repair shop fixing this problem because it can be complicated to address for the average person.

Going Through Fuel Quickly

If you have a hydraulic pole saw that runs off fuel, then it's important to keep an eye on how much you go through in a period of time. Then if you're using more fuel than normal, you know there's a fuel consumption issue that a hydraulic tool repair shop needs to inspect further and fix.

Maybe your pole saw's settings are off or the hydraulic components need to be fine-tuned before you use the saw again. Going in for a professional repair is key in maximizing this pole saw's performance so that you're not spending a fortune on fuel to run it.

If you have a job that requires a hydraulic pole saw for cutting down branches on trees, then there may be times when you need to have said equipment professionally examined and repaired. As long as you stay mindful of these instances, you can do a great job at maintaining said tool. 

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