5 Must-Do Maintenance Tasks For Your Commercial HVAC

Posted on: 28 June 2022


A commercial HVAC unit requires regular maintenance to work at top efficiency. The size and complicated nature of these systems mean it is best to bring in a service tech that has experience with commercial HVAC.

1. External System Cleaning

Commercial external HVAC components are often installed on the roof so they are out of the way. This leaves them exposed to windblown debris as well as issues with pests like nesting birds. At least once a year the entire external system needs to be inspected and cleared of debris. Failure to do so can inhibit efficiency or even lead to overheating and a breakdown due to poor airflow. 

2. Condensate Drainage

Condensation builds up inside any HVAC system, which is why there is an entire condensate system consisting of a drainage pan, water lines, and pumps to move all the moisture away from the unit and your building. A blockage in the condensate drainage can lead to water pooling that damages the HVAC and your roof. Cleaning out the lines, drains, and pans, as well as servicing the pumps, is a must. 

3. Fan Motor Lubrication

The fan and blower systems need to be working efficiently to ensure the air moves through your building properly. Cleaning these out and then lubricating them each year is the best way to ensure this. Poor lubrication affects all moving parts, leading to less efficiency and a greater chance of malfunction. Every annual service visit usually includes full lubrication and inspection services. 

4. Filtration Change

A commercial HVAC system has at least one filter and typically more. Each of these filters needs to be removed and cleaned or replaced. Unlike other maintenance tasks, filtration service is likely necessary more than once a year. It can be needed as often as monthly depending on your HVAC unit and the amount of dust in your environment. Your service tech can provide a schedule and even show your maintenance staff how to change out the filters if necessary.

5. Ducts Inspected

Dust and debris can build up in your duct system and reduce the efficiency of the HVAC. It also lowers air quality and can cause respiratory irritation. Your service tech will inspect and clean the ducts as necessary. They will also look for damaged or loose ducts that could be compromising the efficiency of the unit. 

Contact a commercial HVAC repair service for help with your yearly maintenance needs.