Should I Repair Or Replace My Commercial Steel Door?

Posted on: 7 June 2022


Steel doors are ideal for commercial properties because they are durable, can withstand plenty of damage, and will last for several years. However, now that the steel doors on your commercial property and getting older and are starting to show some wear and tear, you are left wondering if you can repair the door or should have it replaced. Here are a few instances when you can repair the door and examples of times it is better to replace the commercial steel door.

Damaged or Crooked Frame

When a steel door's frame suffers damage and is crooked or the door does not sit straight, it is typically best to replace the entire frame and door. However, if the frame is older and the door is newer, if there is no damage to the steel door's core, you can potentially salvage the door and replace the frame. However, if you replace the frame and the old door does not sit straight, you will also need to replace the door.

Severe or Minor Rust Damage

Unfortunately, if you notice any rust damage anywhere on the door itself, in most cases you will need to replace the steel door. When there is rust damage on the outside of the steel door, this is usually a sign that the door's core is also rusted. If the steel door's core is compromised in any way, including by rust damage, the door is not safe and should be replaced.

Dings and Dents

In most cases, if the dings and dents are minor, such as hail damage, the damage can be repaired by a professional. This type of superficial damage that does not impact the door's core can be easily buffed out and you can repaint the steel door. However, if the damage is a large crack that starts to spread and compromises the door, the door will need to be replaced.

Damaged Hinges

If the damage to the hinges is minor and the door is still in good shape, in most cases you can repair or replace the hinges. However, if the damage to the hinges was caused by vandalism or a break-in, and the doors have been compromised, it is best to simply replace the hinges and the door together. This will ensure the door is as safe and secure as possible.

Knowing when you can replace or repair your steel door can be tricky. If you have any more questions, it is best to contact a professional. Click on the link for more info.