When Is Commercial Water Damage Restoration Needed In A Restaurant?

Posted on: 4 March 2022


Commercial water damage restoration services work with all different types of businesses, including restaurants. Hopefully, you will never have to hire one of these companies to help you with cleaning up water in your restaurant. However, these are some of the cases in which people who own restaurants have to call these professionals. If you ever find yourself dealing with one of these scenarios, then you should make sure that you call one of these companies for help, too.

Your Restaurant Has Flooded 

Just like any other business or home, restaurants can be impacted by flooding. If there has been a hurricane or other major storm in your area that has brought a lot of rain to the community, then flooding might have occurred. Whether flooding in your restaurant was minor or much more serious, one of your first steps in getting your restaurant back in usable condition should be contacting a commercial water restoration service.

There Has Been a Major Plumbing Issue

Restaurants typically have plumbing installed all throughout, and in some cases, major plumbing issues can happen. This could happen in the dishwashing room, such as if a pipe that runs to the sinks or the dishwasher has burst and flooded the room. This could happen in one of the restrooms as well, of course. Plumbing issues can very easily cause water damage, and you'll probably need to work both with a plumber and a water damage restoration service to clean up the mess, get the plumbing issue under control, and restore your restaurant as well as possible so you can begin conducting business again.

There Has Been a Problem With Your Refrigerant System

Commercial refrigerators and freezers have drainage lines, and they hold coolant. Some type of leak could lead to refrigerant or water leaking out and making a big mess in your restaurant. In this case, you should both have your refrigerant unit repaired and work with a commercial water damage restoration service to get things straightened out.

There Has Been a Major Spill

In a restaurant setting, spills are typically pretty common. With most spills that happen in your restaurant, you and your employees might be able to handle the mess. If a significant spill of water or other liquid has happened on carpet or in another area that you cannot easily clean up, however, dealing with the spill might be more difficult. In these cases, using a commercial water damage restoration service might make sense.

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