Key Insights For Property Owners Completing Commercial Water Heater Repairs

Posted on: 2 March 2022


If your commercial building has a water heater that acts up -- such as making strange noises or struggling to remain efficient, then you need to figure out a repair fast. As long as you use this repair guide for commercial water heaters, you won't be put in a vulnerable position at any point.

Make Sure Thermostat is Properly Set Up and Working

One reason why your commercial water heater could be malfunctioning is because the thermostat isn't set up correctly or is just on the wrong setting. Since this is a problem that's pretty easy to fix yourself, consider this possibility first before looking into more extensive repair solutions.

Is your thermostat on and properly communicating with the commercial water heater? If so, then check to make sure the settings are correct. If they are and nothing proves to be wrong with this component, you can move on to other possible complications.

Check the Pressure Gauge

One of the most effective ways you can check the performance of your commercial water heater is to look at the pressure gauge. If the pressure range is not where it should be, then that's probably the reason why your commercial water heater isn't working great anymore.

There could be something blocked in the lines or the tank has a lot of sediment that has built up. Checking the pressure gauge on your water heater will let you know for certain, and then you can schedule a professional repair if you verify pressure ranges are off. 

Utilize Emergency Services for Tank Corrosion and Leaking

There are a couple of problems that would warrant professional emergency repair services for your commercial water heater. For instance, if it has corroded or started to leak, you need to use emergency repair services so that this complication doesn't affect your commercial operations too much.

You may still have to delay operations that rely on this system, but for the most part, the overall impact of tank corrosion and leaking will be controlled by professionals that can work quickly to complete a suitable repair. 

A lot of commercial properties rely on water heaters for important activities. If you understand how this heating system works and prepare for repairs before they happen, then you can be more helpful when addressing issues that show up later down the line. Just make sure you're careful with the inspection and repair steps you perform on this system. If you are in need of A.0.Smith commercial water heater repair, then contact a service in your area.