Three Lesser-Known Signs That You May Have Foundation Issues

Posted on: 8 February 2022


Most people know some of the more common or obvious signs of foundation damage. If you notice cracks on the exterior of your home that go down to the foundation or if you notice your floors are not level, you may have foundation problems. However, there are many other signs of foundation problems that are not talked about as much. Here are a few of the lesser-known signs that you may need to call in a foundation contractor to inspect your home for foundation problems. 

Your Cabinets or Countertops Are Separating or Not Level

When your foundation is sinking, many parts of your home may start to become uneven. Most people know their floors may be uneven, or even the framework around their doors and windows can become unlevel. But, most people do not know that their cabinets and countertops may start to separate or split, or that these surfaces can become uneven as well. If you look at your cabinets or countertops and they do not look level, bring out a level to check for yourself. If the level indicates they are uneven, you should call in a foundation contractor. 

There Is Water in Your Crawl Space or Basement

Another lesser-known sign of foundation issues is moisture accumulating in your crawl space or basement. While a sinking foundation is a cause for alarm, that is not the only type of foundation damage that can occur. Your concrete foundation can crack or spall, a problem that causes concrete to slowly peel or flake away. Both of these problems can allow moisture to enter through the damaged foundation, leaving moisture in places it should not be. A foundation contractor can determine whether cracks are present and give you options to repair the damage. 

There Are Cracks In the Concrete Surfaces Connected to Your Home

The final lesser-known sign that you may be dealing with a foundation problem is cracking in the concrete surfaces that are connected to your home. This may include a concrete garage floor, your driveway, or a patio. If your foundation is shifting or sinking, the concrete surfaces connected to your home may also sink or shift. This can cause those surfaces to crack. If you see cracks in these surfaces, especially if there are multiple cracks, you should call in a foundation contractor to inspect your foundation. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, you may have foundation problems. The only way to know for sure if you have foundation problems is to call in a foundation contractor to inspect your home and assess the condition of your foundation. Call your preferred foundation contractor right away if you notice any signs of potential foundation problems.  

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