Preparing For The Big Day: Siding Installation

Posted on: 31 January 2022


Having new siding installed on your home is certainly exciting. When the siding installers are done, your home will look brand new and fresh. New siding also does a better job of protecting your home from threats like moisture damage and bugs. As you get excited for the day your siding installers start work, you may find yourself wondering how you can and should prepare for this process. Generally, the installers will do most of the important prep work to the house itself, such as removing trim. But there are a few ways you, as the homeowner, can prepare for siding installation, too.

Trim or tie back trees.

Are there any trees or shrubs that either rub against your home or come within feet of doing so? Trimming back these branches will ensure they do not get in the siding installers' way. If trimming the trees or shrubs is not an option, then you can instead tie back the problematic branches. Use thick twice, and just tie the branches around the trunk tightly enough to bend them out of the way, but not so tightly that they're likely to crack or break.

Move decor out of the way.

Take a walk around the exterior of your home, and move any decorative items or movable extras. This should include potted plants, patio furniture, and gardening tools like wheelbarrows. Your installers will be able to work faster and more efficiently with these items out of the way, which means you'll get to admire your newly sided home even sooner.

Remove wall-mounted items from the walls.

When your siding installers are working, they will be pounding nails into your home's walls, or sometimes driving screws into the walls. This can cause parts of your home to shake. So, if there are any meaningful paintings or decorations mounted on your walls, it's a good idea to take them down prior to your installation date. This will keep them from falling off the walls and potentially breaking.

Clear the way for a dumpster.

Before your siding installers can put your new siding on, they have to take the old siding off. They'll put a dumpster on-site for easy disposal of this new siding. Make sure there's room for this dumpster. This may mean you have to park your car on the street or at a neighbor's house for a couple of days.

If you follow the steps above, your home will be well-prepared for siding installation. For more information on siding, contact a company such as All Pro Exteriors.