Never Wait For Truck Trailer Services If You Notice These Things

Posted on: 26 January 2022


Recognizing the repair signs of a semi-truck trailer early can benefit drivers in a variety of ways. Safety issues can get addressed, which could save lives and protect against the loss of property and goods. Truck trailer maintenance services are ideal to ensure the best performance. These services can aid in prevention and detection. Most trucks travel a lot in a week, and some may cover hundreds or thousands of miles in a month's time. This leads to wear and tear, and routine services can detect any flaws that could lead to accidents or breakdowns. There are a few things that drivers may notice between their service appointments. The following points identify things that should be addressed as soon as they are noticed. 


It is ill-advised to guess whether an unknown substance leaking from a truck is a serious or minor issue. A professional examination can determine the cause of the leak and what type of repairs need to be made. Fluid leaks should be taken seriously because the leaks might be related to engine or brake operation. If the leak is coming from a truck that has a refrigerated trailer, the refrigeration area might be compromised which could damage goods.

The air brake systems in trucks can also develop leaks. Truck trailer services for this issue will involve inspecting the brake lines in the system and making repairs. The repair technician might also need to determine the cause of the continued damage if it has been a short period since a brake repair, maintenance, or installation.

Brake Issues

The brake system in trucks is complex to understand. However, changes in brake performance should be obvious to drivers when they use the same truck for all of their work duties. Changes in braking need to be reported and truck trailer services can determine the nature of the issue. Sometimes a lack of brake maintenance is the issue. When the braking system does not perform correctly, the trailer portion of the truck may become unstable and lead to an accident. Sometimes an entire truck's performance may be negatively impacted by a malfunctioning braking system

Wheel Bearing Issues

The wheel bearings of trucks degrade over time due to normal wear and tear. Truckers should expect them to need to be replaced at some point. Damaged wheel bearings produce odd sounds when they are in motion. High speeds do not have to be the cause. A slow turn in a parking lot might come from the wheel area of a truck indicating an issue. Unstable movements might also be felt when operating the truck on a roadway. 

Well-maintained semi-truck trailers promote better public safety. They can also protect truck drivers and trucking companies against fines and other negative consequences of operating unsafe commercial vehicles.

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